Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) M2 available for download

Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) M2 available for download

Well summer is finally over (Autumn is almost officially here), but it doesn’t mean that everyone has been slacking.  Over the past few months the Eclipse Platform team managed to ship Helios (on time of course), ship Eclipse 4.0 (Early Adopter Release), and start-up the Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) work.  In fact, Milestone 1 shipped over a month ago, and now Eclipse 3.7 Milestone 2 is here.

There are a few new goodies like wrappable buttons:

Compare editor improvements:

And performance improvements to the way p2 sites are managed by the target definition editor.

You can download Eclipse 3.7 M2 from:
or point p2 at the update site:

  • Marijn Bekers
    Posted at 11:20, 2010-09-22

    Is there a link to the New and Noteworthy page?
    I always have terrible trouble finding those, while they usually are most informative (I learned all the keyboard shortcuts and available quick fixes from reading them)

  • Supriya Thengdi
    Posted at 13:23, 2010-09-22

    Hi Marijn,

    After seeing your question, I felt it makes sense to put down couple of steps to find this illusive page.
    Check out my blog post:

    Hope you can find this page more easily now.

  • someone
    Posted at 09:28, 2010-09-28

    please add the next features for eclipse :
    1.add “search in project” for the search window (via CTRL+F) .
    2.allow to create code templates that have any kind of characters (even if it starts with “/” ) .
    3.allow to auto-create javadoc comments (those with the @param ,etc…) for all/specific methods/classes/interfaces/… , and also allow to create it via a code template , so that all we need to do is to fill in the description .